Grächen budget accommodation – RITTINEN

Gruppenhaus Rittinen lies just 150m below the main village of Grächen. It’s a delightful 1.75km (~20 minute) walk from Grächen Dorfplatz through the car free part of the village and then on a footpath that leads you down between traditional chalets and meadows. The accommodation is simple but comfortable, with hot showers, cosy sitting areas and a fully equipped kitchen.

Rittinen is also served frequently by the local Postbus (timetable below). You can also check the timetable at

Grächen has several supermarkets – Coop, Volg & Denner as well as numerous bakeries. There are no shops close to the Gruppenhaus so make sure to take what you need.

By the main entrance there will be a room list with your name and room number. And on each room door, there will be a list of names and the dates for which you are booked in that room.

There will be a set of linen ready for you. Please strip your bed on departure and leave the linen in the large black bin bags near the main entrance. The Haus is very full & other runners will be taking your place on departure so please make sure your room is clean, the linen removed & please take any baggage to be left in Grächen to the Gemeindesaal (marked as Registration / Baggage) on this map below.

For the start of the 4STAGE on Wednesday 4 & ULTRA170 on Thursday 5 we will provide a free shuttle from Rittinen to the Dorfplatz.

Pre-race breakfast for runners on Wednesday 4 September & Thursday 5 September will also be available in the Gemeindesaal for 10 euros per person. Please book by 16.00h on Monday 2 September. Thank you!

For any questions or concerns please call / whatsapp Hilde Ponnette on +32.498.11.66.36

Enjoy your stay!


Breakfast booking form (until 16.00h Monday 2 September)