UTMR Roadbook 100 km 3-passes 2019


UTMR Ultra 100 3-passes 2019


Welcome to the 2019 Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 100km 3 Passes! This road book, together with our race website should give you all the information that you need. If you have any further questions please do email info@ultratourmonterosa.com

It is an amazing challenge ahead of you and we have a team of passionate volunteers ready to support you. We are all here to do what we can to help you succeed. Best of luck! 

Race Organisation

For any general questions / queries before and during the race please contact the race organisation

Email: info@ultratourmonterosa.com

Phone: +41.795.839.539

Please use this number for emergency only during the race:

Emergency Number



Your safety is our priority. For this reason, it is essential that we can communicate with you before, during and after the race.

You must have a telephone with you, which works in Italy and Switzerland. This telephone will not only allow you to call the organisation if necessary, but it is also important that the organisation can contact you (before, during and after the race). We may use SMS to notify you of any route amendments / information. Please make sure your phone is switched on, accessible and checked intermittently before and during the race. We will use the contact number you submitted on your registration form. If there is any change please update your personal information via your personal runner page or email us at info@ultratourmonterosa.com

Please ensure 

  • your phone is never put in flight mode
  • it remains switched on before, during and after the race
  • the battery is sufficient for the duration of the race, or equip yourself with a supplementary external battery

Tips to save battery

  • close all unnecessary apps
  • dim screen
  • switch off wifi, bluetooth and location / GPS

Note: 85% of the race route is covered by mobile network, so there may be a delay in receiving an SMS message in certain areas. 

Race programme

For an overview of all the events happening during race week you can consult the race programme here: https://www.ultratourmonterosa.com/race-programme/

Grächen & Gressoney Village Plans

Please consult these maps for exact start locations, registration, baggage drop / collection and bus stop. We will send details of the (paid) parking places in Grächen in the week before the race. Parking in Gressoney is free right by the registration / bag drop. 

Race Registration & equipment check

You have a choice whether to register in Grächen or Gressoney. For those taking the bus shuttle from Grächen to Gressoney on Thursday please register in Grächen to save time in case of any delays on the road. Please select your preference on your personal runner page before Monday 2 September.


Time: 10:00 – 11:30 Thursday 5 September

Location: Gemeindesaal, above the Tourism Office in the Dorfplatz, Grächen (see village plan)

Evening meal: A few restaurants in Grächen will offer a special price menu for race participants and supporters on Wednesday 4 September. Details will be included in your race envelope. 

Bus shuttle to Gressoney: the bus will leave at 12:00 Thursday 5 September from the entrance to the Dorfplatz in Grächen. The journey time is 4 to 4.5 hrs. 


Time: 16.30 – 19:30 Thursday 5 September

Location: Sala Polivalente, Gressoney-La-Trinité (see village plan)

All race participants must come to race registration in person and with ID and with their obligatory equipment. This will be checked before participants can be given their start number, timing chip and GPS tracker. It must be carried for the duration of the race and we may check at any point during the race or on the finish line. This is for your safety only so please respect our rules.

INSURANCE: Each race participant must have personal accident insurance sufficient to cover the cost of search and rescue (including by helicopter if required). 

If you do not have insurance or the correct obligatory equipment you will not be allowed to start the race. No exceptions.

Lighting: There could be an obligatory check of your head torches at CP12 Monte Moro Pass and CP13 Saas Fee depending on the time you pass. If your torch is inadequate or you are not carrying a second torch and spare batteries you will have to stop your race. This is for your safety.

Headphones: Use of headphones is not permitted during any part of the race for reasons of safety. Use will result in disqualification. 

Refreshments: There will be no cups provided at checkpoints or at the finish lines. A personal cup is therefore part of the obligatory equipment. A special edition Ultra Tour Monte Rosa foldable drinking cup will be available for purchase at registration if you don’t already have your own.

MyRaceKit: Thanks to our partner MyRaceKit you will have a voucher to collect a custom race belt & a Moonvalley bar. You can take your voucher to the MyRaceKit stand at registration to collect!

Bus shuttles

If you have booked a seat on one of the UTMR bus shuttles the bus pick up location, driver contact details etc. will be emailed to you by 20 August. You can also check your booking on your personal runner page. 


We will transport one piece of baggage per runner (12kg / 75 litres) from the start in Gressoney to the finish line in Grächen. Your bag must be clearly labelled for identification. Labels will be provided in your race bag for this purpose, but please mark it additionally.

Baggage Deposit: Please deposit your baggage in the Sala Polivalente, Gressoney before 08:45 on Friday 6. 

Baggage Collection: in the Gemeindesaal directly by the finish line in Grächen. 


We will provide you with one dropbag (40cm x 50cm) at race registration. Your race number will be written on the Please note this is not waterproof. We will transport official UTMR dropbags only to following checkpoint 

  • CP11 Macugnaga – 54.6 km – GREEN

Dropbag deposit: Please deposit in Sala Polivalente, Gressoney-la-Trinité before 08:45 on Friday 6. Your race number will be written on the bag.

Dropbag collection: Your dropbags will be available for collection from the Gemeindesaal directly by the Finish Line in Grächen from 14:00 on Saturday 7. Any uncollected items will be disposed of or given to charity. The organisation cannot post to individuals. 

Race Start

The race will start at 09:00 on Friday 6 September from the church square (see village plan). Please note the new start time. You must be in the start area by 08:45 for the pre-race briefing. On entrance to the start area your timing chip will be checked. You will not be able to leave the start area after this check. 

Race Route and Checkpoints

Please see the race website for all route and checkpoint information. 


Route marking: The race route will be well marked with 

  • arrows
  • bright orange ribbons 
  • bright orange flags on bamboo or wires
  • orange dots / arrows / markings made with a biodegradable chalk spray 
  • from Albergo del Pont onwards all ribbons will be reflective 

The race route additionally generally follows the route of the waymarked “Tour de Monte Rosa”. If you are in any doubt then please follow signposting to the next col or village. GPS tracks are available on the race website if you are carrying a smartphone.

Day / night: You will need to use your head torch between about 20:25 on Friday evening and 06:26 on Saturday morning. Please be prepared for night running! 

Sunrise: 06:56 / Sunset: 19:55 / Civil Twilight between 06:26 and 20:25


Timing is provided by Racematix. Live results will be available both on the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa website and on the Racematix website. Timing chips are issued at race registration. The chip will be on a wristband that you wear for the duration of the race. It must be returned at the finish line or at a checkpoint if you withdraw from the race. You will be liable for a charge if your chip is not returned. 

Participant List: This can be seen on the UTMR website  2019 UTMR ENTRY LIST. Please check your details and email info@ultratourmonterosa.com if something is not correct.

GPS Tracking device

GPS tracking is included in your registration fee and these trackers will be provided to you at race registration. They are light (60g) and will be taped onto the shoulder strap of your rucksack at registration. 

These must also be returned at the finish line or at a checkpoint if you withdraw from the race. You will be liable for a €135 charge if your device is not returned. 

Instructions on how your family and friends can follow you in real time during the race will be emailed to you shortly before race week. Exciting! 


It is great if you have supporters to encourage you. Please see here for directions and driving times between checkpoints: https://www.ultratourmonterosa.com/supporters/

Assistance from family or friends is allowed at designated checkpoints only, and so long as it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the checkpoint. The decision of the checkpoint coordinator will be final. 

No support is allowed between checkpoints. No muling or pacing is allowed. 

Social Media

We’d love to share news about the race with the world. If you post photos or news on social media please use the hashtag #UTMR so we can share too!

Rescue and Medical Assistance

EMERGENCY: +41.793.998.527

First aid will be available at specific points on the race route. These posts are in telephone liaison with the Race Organisation. Medical assistance will be available at the finish lines.

If it appears that a runner is in difficulty or seriously injured: please telephone the EMERGENCY number, or go in person to the next checkpoint.

It is essential that each runner helps anybody in danger. Runners needing assistance submit themselves to the authority of a doctor or a rescuer.

You must stay on the waymarked route of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa. Any runner who voluntarily leaves the way­marked route is no longer under the responsibility of the Race Organisation. 


Withdrawal is only possible at these checkpoints (CP):

We can only provide transport back to the finish line in Grächen at the designated times from the designated locations. In case you need to stop your race you may need to wait for some time. In Macugnaga there is an option to buy accommodation at the checkpoint if you need a place to sleep if you stop your race during Friday night. You must carry sufficient cash or other means of payment in case of this. 

If you decide to withdraw you MUST notify the checkpoint coordinator. They will inform the Race Organisation and direct you to overnight accommodation and/or the provided transport. 

If you decide to stop at any location other than those listed above it is your own responsibility to make your way to the finish in Grächen, and to notify the Race Organisation. Failure to do so may result in search and rescue, the costs of which will be your responsibility.

Children’s Race

There will be a small “Kinderrennen” in Grächen at 16:30 on Saturday 7 September. If you have children with you please do encourage them to run! 

  • ca. 800m for 5-7 year olds
  • ca. 2500m for 8-12 year olds

If you have finished your race then please do come to support! 

Prizegiving / Closing Meal

Time: 18:30 onwards Saturday 7

Location: Dorfplatz of Grächen by the church and the finish line

The cost of this meal is included in your registration fee, you will receive your voucher in your race packet. If you would like to buy meal tickets for your supporters please use this form before Friday 30 August. Tickets for your supporters will be included in your race envelope.

Prize-giving: this will take place at 19:30. Category winners need to be present to receive their prize. If overall winners need to leave before the prize-giving they need to notify the Race Director to collect their prize but there will be no separate ceremony.

Departures and Post Race

Bus transfer: if you are taking one of our shuttles to Milan, Geneva or Gressoney they will leave from the Dorfplatz in Grächen at 08:30 on Sunday 8 September.

All others can take the postbus departing to Visp from Grächen. Times and connections and be found here: www.sbb.ch

Spa / Massage: In your race envelope you will find a flyer from Hotel Hannigalp, our event partner. They have a beautiful new spa and the only swimming pool in Grächen. They would be very happy to welcome you. A massage can be booked ahead by phone or email, mentioning UTMR. info@hannigalp.ch / +41.279.551.000

Day trips: If you are staying for a while in Grächen or the surrounding region, then there are a multitude of options open to you. Miles and miles of hiking or running trails, bus trip to Zermatt and the Matterhorn, or a visit to the thermal spa of Brigerbad. The tourist office here in Grächen will be very happy to inform you and assist your plans.

Enjoy your race! 

Namaste from the UTMR team!